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Charles Hamilton - Verbal Vicodin lyrics

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Verbal Vicodin by Charles Hamilton

[Verse 1:]
If this is real
I wanna savor this moment
Laying alone with the most amazing woman
As she stays on her throne
Known as the modern day Madonna
I'm the modern day Adonis
To be honest
I just wanna leave u astonished
I promise
If I could have a chance to have u
I will let the chance pass me
Damn have u noticed how I smile your name is mentioned
The game is a suspense
I just wanna get in the mix
Be recognized in the midst
Of the the greatest that ever did it
Eye contact
I would never misses kisses
To your suddenly thick lips
Kiss kiss
This is what it is
If other chick get this
But there's some rule I must knock down
I must not frown in this love locked down
Because of my crown I feel upside down
The crown ain't too heay but I must lie down
Can't stop it man I'm feelin so good
Hate on me?
I had a feelin u would
Can't stop this feelin
Are u good?
I'm good and I wish a nigga would
I'm just chillin, I swear I'm just chilin [x4]
[Verse 2:]
My friends say that I'm single
So who's the lady in question
That I developed an obsession with
Ms. I don't know I imagined her
After he I don't see nuthin but a trap for her
Cause I'm after her, not to snatch her purse
But to make my water bed mattress burst
Yeah that has to work
If the wifey I see is beside me
How can I ever feel slightly lonely
She ain't nuthin like my homies
In fact she might not even like my cronies
My niggas hear this explanation
As to where I adventure
Where I visit shorty in the previous sentence
Another dimension not dementia
Not to mention my position
Is to write what I see in my mind
And what I know to believe
So I believe in my mind
And I'm fuckin astonished while reading this line
Dead ass who can see me in rhymes?
Nigga, I'm fine
[Verse 3:]
I feel so good that I can float
Just like them other niggas
But I would do what I would do
Unlike those sucka niggas
You love to figure that I'm buggin
And I'm nothin but when I wan nothin
I ain't had nobody for nothin nigga
Fuck it nigga
Maybe I did accept the favor
So I respect my neighbors and brothers
What they feel they deserve in
Cause I feel the greed
Maybe greed is still in me
Cause I wanna feel the beat
Like nobody else
Maybe being a nobody helps
Cause nobody felt the beat the way my body felt
I got no rhythm but I'm gifted in music
So I ain't going nowhere I ain't gifted with movin
Unless it's to the top
When I rock from the top
Or I jot something hot
I could not ever stop
The thought alone is torture
The future is bleek
So as u groove to the beat
U know I'm movin my feet
I gotta run! later.
Sending out as SOS [x8]
[DJ Skee:]
That's right, as we continue on...
The Hamiltonization Process, DJ Skee!
This is the second to last one.
Shout out to my whole RealTalkNY fam!
Anyways, we're doing it a little different this time.
We're in the middle of an intervention.
We're sending out an SOS, I need y'all to join us...
We're tryin to reach Charles right here on Earth
Try to get him back.
It's been a long journey, but we ain't done yet.
In fact we just gettin started
If u don't know, I go by the world-famous DJ Skee!
Charles Hamilton!

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