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Charles Bronson - Tabloid Suckass lyrics

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Tabloid Suckass by Charles Bronson

Tighten another notch in the leash and share
The good news that'll never concern me -
This gossip circle called my life in hell
Targeted marketing guaranteed to always sell.
So don't ever question why,
Just keep your mouths open wide
And when the bait's been hooked I
T's no surprise that some fat fucker's
Getting rich off your glazed over eyes.
You motherfuckers you think I give a shit
If Hugh Grant cheats on his wife
Or whatever the hell place was visited by princess Di?
(Or substitute with your own choice of media whore of choice).
You don't even know these people but those tabloids in the checkout lines
Are screaming for a sucker just like you to be consumed by somebody else's life

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