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Cee-Lo - The one lyrics

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The one by Cee-Lo

Hey hey
Yea (oh sh*t) yea yea yea (i see you girl)
Yea yea yea
We gone start this sh*t off right, we got suga d-nice
In the house tonight
We gone start this sh*t off right, we got slick jazzy pha
In the house tonight
We gone start this sh*t off right, we got T.I.P.
(Bankhead nigga in the house tonight.
We gone start this sh*t off right and slick be
At home in the house tonight
(Chrous X 2)
You the one girl, you the one girl, you the
One girl your the one girl. Put your finger in the
Air if your the one, put your finger in the air if you the one.
See when ride through, we let um see if from the side view
Slow an even so you know no one denied you
The parking lot look like these niggaz like to ride too
They didn't win but i must admit they tried to
Lok like they chalked up when we walked up
And when we walked in, money talk then
The bar was bought then, we couldn't be caught then
I see you lookin lil girl lets get lost then
Every so often i ona nd off them
(i want that love sh*t and you know it)
Well is there anyone else that you could go get
Coo run it bac o.k. see if she'll play wit pha.
Chrous X 2
Bout ten mo minuets and i'm ready to ride
I got ten mo b**ches i'ma fit up inside
The suburban or excurson or whatever i ride
I bet it's chrome on the wire vouge on the tire.
T.I.P. refer to me as ya majesty or sire
Higher then the rest, Italian drop then fresh
So much say what i feel wit southern finess
So debonaire if he dare bet he got best dressed
Full length mink, gator belt gator vest including shoes
Ten thousand dollar outfit b**ch (b**ch)
Yes do he dress to impress
A b**ch enough to make her want to gimmie her dress
Blessed wit the gift of gab to get gals
Hot enough to hit they pals so get down
You lookin good enough to come give me a kiss now
Get a room at the swiss big as a beach house
Chrous X 2
You lookin nice hell lets toast to the broken ice
We've seen each other once and already we've spoken twice
So stay or at the most a moment longer to hear me say
I really did miss you the last time that you went away
I'm serious, i must have you i wont waste yout time
And have you wishin that somehow you coupld replace the time
I don't do any magic tricks to try and make the mind
I just convinced that the reality is that you have to race he time
She said you a playa aint you you could have
What you want can't you
I replied that im also a artist baby i could paint you
In the frame and i don't try hard not to be the same
So she knew she was gone come before she came
Chrous X 2
Girl did you know that ahh
It's our priviledge to have had this conversation
It's our priviledge and to have had this relation
It's our priviledge i been searching all evening
For somebody who can and finally sent me the one
It's our priviledge to have made you laugh
It's our priviledge and to have crosed your path
It's our priviledge your the star yes you are can have your autogrpah 'cause you lookin like the one
It's our priviledge to have seen your face
It's our priviledge and i bet you taste so good lets get one thing understood i'll be good yes i would especially for the one
It's our priviledge let have a head on collision
It's our priviledge girl you made the right decision
It's our priviledge

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