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Cece Winans Lyrics

About Cece Winans

CeCe Winans: The Queen of Contemporary Gospel

CeCe Winans, born Priscilla Marie Winans Love on October 8th, 1964 in Detroit, Michigan, has become an icon in the world of gospel music. With a powerful voice that exudes encouragement, she shares a message of hope, acceptance, and love through her lyrics and has been performing for over 30 years. Over the years, she has released a number of gospel records loved both by the critics and her growing group of die-hard fans.

Genre and Years of Activity

An artist going for the airwaves since the 80's, CeCe Winans has been crafting music to help lift the spirits of those listening in all corners of the globe. Her music has been influenced by both gospel and secular music; amongst other contemporary Christian music movements, progressive production, and contemporary rhythm influences utilize gang vocals and Raga.

Most Popular Compositions and Albums

CeCe Winans has popular songs that have become staples in the gospel music. She is also known for some of her most popular works such as:
  • "Alabaster Box"
  • "Believe For It"
  • "Mercy Said No"
  • "Throne Room"
  • "More Than What I Wanted"
The mentioned tracks clearly show her ability to perform in such a way that her listeners have felt the depth of her act. CeCe Winans' discography includes the albums:
  • Alone in His Presence (1995)
  • Everlasting Love (1998)
  • Throne Room (2003)
  • Let Them Fall in Love (2017)
  • Believe For It (2021)

Lyrics and Analysis

CeCe Winans is respected for the maturity and emotionality of her lyrics, primarily concerned with spiritual themes such as faith, redemption, and the divine love of God. In "Alabaster Box," she sings, "You weren't there the night He found me, you did not feel what I felt when He wrapped His loving arms around me". This is a personal and heartfelt testimony and the very private relationship of the believer with God, a message of thanksgiving and worship. "Believe For It" is another uplifting number with the chorus being "You said it, I believe it, You said it, It is done". This line is a declaration about faith and trust in the Word of God as they tell listeners to stand on their faith through adversity. The encouraging lyrics and Winans' bold voice make it a fan favorite.

Influence and Reception

CeCe Winans left her footprint on the gospel and contemporary Christian music scenes. She has been able to combine traditional gospel with contemporary sounds, which has expanded who listens to her, and now has a diverse fan base. They admire her rawness (no one can accuse Adele of not calling it like it is), the strength of her voice, and how she articulates spiritually profound truths in her music. Throughout her career, Winans has received critical praise. She is the recipient of numerous awards, including multiple Grammy Awards and Stellar Awards, and is considered a pioneer of the urban contemporary gospel sound. Both her albums and her performances have been described as "emotional," with a focus on her "ambitious" songwriting, and marked by a "spiritual" sense of "intimacy."

Song Lyrics

Browse songs by album:

Album: Purified (2005)

Album: Throne Room (2003)

Album: Cece Winans (2001)

Album: Alabaster Box (1999)

Album: Everlasting Love (1998)

Album: His Gift (1998)

Album: Alone In His Presence (1995)

Album: Other Songs (1995)

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