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C Bo - Paper Made lyrics

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Paper Made by C Bo

My whole crew is platinum
Quick to throw it down with Magnums
We ain't duckin' when the guns start blastin'
What's happenin'
West Coast rollin', Benjamins foldin'
Nigga bank accounts holdin', more loot than the jews
And I just stepped fresh up out some county blues
Had me all on the news, cuz I'm gettin' my paper
And my goal life now is livin' it major
Coppin' Crystal, Champagne
I'm in the 'Natti with the blow brains
Leavin' my mansion up in Spokane
The dope Game, was lovely
Out with the flip rollos and drop Benzes when they clucked me
Now the haters wanna mug me, cuz I'm AMG kid candy on some dub leech
But f**k them tricks cuz they haters
They stick out like short thumbs around Playaz
[Chorus 2x]
All I wanna do is get my paper straight
Roll up highways sideways out the gates
Luxury livin' baddest women and I'm straight
Back up with the flames b**ch
I'm Paper Made
I still scream "f**k the World" _Til My Casket Drop_
I give a f**k about parole and these bastard cops
He could see me on TV coat with two glocks and a P
Cuz some b**ch nigga snitched on me down in Cincinnati
I bet the b**ch thought he had me
Ain't that a b**ch how niggaz trip
That nigga must have been smokin' the cavi
I won't rest until my 'Natti niggaz get him
Run up in him hit him with a blade up of in his kidney
And leave him face down, real niggaz don't play around
Paralyze that motherf**ker from the waste down
Cuz he's a b**ch turned snitch on the next nigga
On sight I'm takin' his life with the Tec trigga
And give a f**k about his kid, cuz he didn't give a f**k about mine
When I was servi

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