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3 Times
A Whip In One Hand, Gold In The Other
Action Happening
After It All
Baby Doll
Back Off Man, I'm A Scientist
Blood Drained
Broken Dialogue
Clear The Room
Colors And The Kids
Come On In My Kitchen
Could We
Darling Said Sir
Deep Inside
Empty Shell
Everything Has A History
Free As A Bird
Good Woman
Great Expectations
Half Of You
Hard Times In New York City
He War
He Was A Firend Of Mine
He Was A Friend Of Mine
I Blame You
I Broke A Nail
I Do Believe
I Don't Blame You
In This Hole .
Johnny's Got A Gun
Keep On Runnin'
Lived In Bars
Living Proof
Love To Be Silly
Marshall (Instrumental)
Maybe Not
Mr. Gallo
Mr. Spotlight
Naked If I Want To
Not What You Want
Nude As The News
Oh No! Telephone Rings
Peking Saint
Psychic Hearts
Red Apples.
Rock And Roll Song
S Walker
Sad, Sad Song
Schizophrenia's Weighted Me Down
Sea Of Love
Sell The Kids To The Kids
Shaking Paper
Soiled Skulls
Speak For Me
Stuck Inside Of Mobile With The Memphis Blues Again
Swee Dee Dee
Taking People
The Coat Is Always On
The Greatest
The Leopard The Lamb
The Moon
The Party
The Werewolf Song
The Werewolf Song (Album Version)
The Werewolf Song (Live Version)
They Tell Me
Troubled Waters
Up And Gone
Water & Air
We Dance
Wealthy Man
Werewolf (Live Version)
Where Is My Love
Willie Deadwilder
Y Is Here

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