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Castrum (ukraine) - Don't Make Me God! lyrics

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Don't Make Me God! by Castrum (ukraine)

Who dared to create this destructive place?
Where wolves cry in lack of sheep
Planet, constantly draining to madness
People, making gods just to betray them
Perversities, veiled under simplicity
As their angels forgive the rape
I wish my home were abyss
With no emotions hurt to gamble
With no smiles hiding the killjoy
But with infinite heavenly silence
Ageless are not ideas, but greed
Uncountable not stars, but poisoned ones
Immeasurable not mind, but stupidity
Untrue not lies, but revelations
All around is consuming debris
Praising innocence as a clown
Wearing cover but not a content
(If there might be content...)
This is a world of masks
Necessary to veil the emptiness
None will give a fuck
When you wish to change it!
Here you cannot say for sure
What is black and what is white
Light and darkness are integrated
All colors are mixed in one big mayhem
Swarming mass of worms and clones
Producing only shit and swimming in it
What a nice masterpiece!
Why don't we name it paradise?
Don't Make Me God! [x4]
Eden on Earth is everywhere
As world is such a miraculous cunt!
I wish I was fucking god to blow it all up!

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