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Carl Belew - Living Under Pressure lyrics

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Living Under Pressure by Carl Belew

We're living under pressure to be free we're living under pressure you and me
So do your thing if you can't bear to wait
Honey go your way if you can't pay the freight
Standing at the window cooking dinner the drapes are pulled to let the world's come in
I know you're thinkin' bout the love left in you and you crying to be livin' once again
Remember how we walked the road together remember how we've loved along the way
But trying test of time we could not weather we decided straight to hell with yesterday
We're living under pressure...
We've learned that butterflies can't last forever a strain of daily life's began to tell
So don't you think that parting would be clever for freedom seems to fit you very well
And now our hopes and dreams have all been shattered
For love's been such a disappointing climb
When we walked away from all that's mattered
Let's remember all the good things left behind
We're living under pressure...

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