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Carbon Leaf - Nowadays lyrics

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Nowadays by Carbon Leaf

So steadily go, the rain...
So steadily go, the time...
So steadily go, the season...
So steadily go, long ago...
All the little mysteries of a big yard
A little bit older, rake the lawn
I am a field mouse in a tall tree
Dreaming past the world below
Na-na-now, we live it up lonely, but anyhow...
I'll not complain, nowadays
Na-na-Now, we live it up lonely, high on the bow...
Mice in a maze, nowadays
"Imagination Fades With Memory"
I think I made that up (can't quite recall)
So steadily go, the rain
So steadily go, the time
So in love with the notion of being in love
And all my old friends...newly married
Acquaintance now, kiss them good-bye
Such a cold day for letter writing
Cup of tea, warm regards
Window paints a Herb Jones kind of weather
Wouldn't have it any other way
(at least today...)

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