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Carbon Leaf - November (Makebeleive) lyrics

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November (Makebeleive) by Carbon Leaf

Board the windows, winterize...recess with my mind
I have some in-between time...recess with my mind
Quilt of voices, piecemeal scenes...shutters clack
Hush. muffle time
Painting of a different stream...recess with my mind
Jack Frost taps the window sill
William Tell atop the hill
Dreaming arrows shoot the hay
Autumn's color wheel will fade
Stones thrown to blown spun glass...recess with my mind
Re-invention. Nurture Past...recess with my mind
Escape our Independence Day
(Battle in decline)
Correspondence won't relay...recess with my mind
Redcoats raid the Raincoats' space
Soul to storm upon each face
Clouds with roving eyes set sail
Cannon cottonballs of hail
Autumn raged the skeleton trees
Kings and queens and squires flee
Chessboard battlements ablaze
Battle photo bleached away
Lonely with the company
But when November calls me
Creation melt my enemies
Hibernation. Silencing
Memory just short of what it could've been
It didn't last, it went away
Always knew it would.
It's good to leave, it's sad to leave

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