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Capercaillie - Am Mur Gorm lyrics

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Am Mur Gorm by Capercaillie

Mur b'e thusa bhiiodh an Cuilithionn
'na mhur eagarra gorm
ag crioslachadh le bhalla-criche
na tha 'nam chridhe borb
Mur b'e thusa bhiodh a' ghaineamh
tha'n Talasgar dumhail geal
'na clar biothbuan do mo dhuilean
air nach tilleadh an run-ghath
'S mur b'e thusa bhiodh na cuantan
'nan luasgan is 'nan tamh
a' togail cair mo bhuadhan
'ga cur air suaimhneas ard
'S bhiodh am monadh donn riabhach
agus mo chiall co-shint'
ach chuir thusa orra riaghladh
os cionn mo phianaidh fhin
Agus air creachainn chein fhasmhoir
chinn blathmhor Craobh nan Teud
'na meangach duillich t'aodann
mo chiall is aogas reil
The Blue Rampart
But for you the Cuillin would be
an exact and serrated blue rampart
girdling with it's march-wall
all that is in my barbarous heart
But for you the sand
that is in Talisker compact and white
would be a measureless plain to my expectations
and on it the spear desire would not turn back
But for you the oceans
in their unrest and their repose
would raise the wave crest of my mind
and settle it on a high serenity
And the brown brindled moorland
and my reason would co-extend
but you imposed on them an edict
above my own pain
And on a distant luxuriant summit
there blossomed the Tree of Strings
among it's leafy branches your face
my reason and the likeness of a star

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