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Canibus - Escape To Victory lyrics

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Escape To Victory by Canibus

Damn I’m in Nottingham, I can’t believe it
I came from the West Indies on some emcee sh*t
I double step for clips a day
I train green, black, maroon and blue berets
I sell a dream to you, I sell the oxygen you breathe to you
When I’m done I make a thief of you
And I always share a piece of you
‘Cause the chances are by now you’re probably a meat lover too
Prepare for the blitzkrieg blur of the Fuhrer
Put my CD in your Walkman and watch it slowly stir
Listen to my ‘Beast from the East’ verse
If you wanna witness the world’s illest rapper at work
Perhaps some of my earlier work, ‘Music Makes Me High’
Uni-4-Orm and a couple of Clue tapes going berserk
One of the greatest rappers in the Universe
Literally crush you lyrically, f**k what you think of me
Call the city of Nottingham, tell them I’m dropping in
Prepare the pussy and weed, for me as your offerings
I have a Rip the Jacker conference
Get the Queen to sponsor it and invite members of parliament
Ring the states, talk to Bill Gates
‘Cause I’m obsessed with the Microsoft X-Box that microprocessed
I’ll ask him if he’s heard a hundred bars yet
Be psychotically complex climb on top secret documents
Show him that I’m not impressed and I’m not a threat
Tell him the album drops of October 25th
Fifteen pounds or fifteen hundred pence
‘C’ True Hollywood Stories from Canibus
Shows I’m booking them now, push me around get chucked in the mouth
I’ll permanently f**k up your smile
I’m like a crook in your house or Foot and Mouth
On the hunt for some cows, I shouldn’t be allowed to run around
In your town running them up, hopping out a Canibus bus
Fans bum rush me, am I stunning or what?
Canibus and Joe Buhdha bunning it up
Sixteen’s is not enough, you need a hundred and up
Follow the Leader ’til you find Jesus
Let’s take a moment of Silence for Aaliyah she was a diva
One in a million I flow brilliant
Bent spoons with my mind before but I never filmed it
You fronting if you never heard me spit ill sh*t
You lying if you said I never killed it
You build with wigs and stick, I build with bricks
Opened the seventh seal after I revealed the sixth
Steel the fifth, get on some Four Horsemen sh*t
My third, second and first verse metaphors are sick
This is the ‘Escape To Victory’
The Ripper is more talented than Mr. Ripley and more risky than circus gypsies
Born in the 50’s and was ripping by the 60’s
And still remember the first time that I removed the man’s kidneys
With these, like a Nightmare on Elm Street dream
Mini machetes sharper than Wolverine’s
Injections to the neck or suppress the screams
Leave clues behind for the forensics team that inspects the scene
Serial killing machines to the extreme
An all eye seeing in-theory- that being, surgically supreme MD, slash MC
Slash you across the cheek, and leave a gash that bleeds profusely
Truthfully the cut is too deep
And the motherf**king Rippers running loose through the streets
Slippery as WD40 oozing from the feet
Canibus and Joe Buhdah ripping the streets

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