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Music Video

Uuugly Lyrics

Camila Cabello


Song Facts

  • Genre: Rap, Pop, Dark Pop, Trap
  • Producers: Kid Masterpiece, El Guincho, Jasper Harris
  • Release Date: June 28, 2024
  • Album: C,XOXO by Camila Cabello (2024)
  • Label: Geffen Records & Interscope Records
  • Additional Vocals: Camila Cabello
  • Mixing Engineer: Jon Castelli
  • Distribution: Universal Music Group

Song Annotations

Camila Cabello claimed that Uuugly is essentially a solo track for Drake on her album. She wanted to promote him prominently because she admired his work. Camila stated that she appreciates having Drake's individual voice on her record and admires the rebellious mood it exudes. Camila teased the first taste of the music on June 23rd during Rock in Rio.

Annotations and Meaning

. The song opens with a quick intro that sets the tone in Drake's signature way. The verse includes a duet between Drake and Camila, with Drake taking the lead. He discusses the tremendous effort he put into a relationship, highlighting the sacrifices he made. Drake illustrates his effort and money contributions with images of distance measurements and credit card statements. The statement "It'll get ugly" implies potential disagreement and emotional anguish if he reveals his attempts. Drake's verse also expresses feelings of betrayal and disappointment. He talks about teaching someone everything they know, only for them to go on and believe they are suddenly superior. This reflection displays feelings of frustration and hurt. The sentence "Two hands on your waist, one hand on my face" depicts closeness alongside emotional suffering, emphasizing the complexities of their relationship. The outro, performed by Camila, reiterates the concept of things getting ugly, accentuating the song's overall sense of tension and unresolved feelings.

Themes and messages

The central theme of Uuugly is the complexities of love and the sacrifices one makes in a relationship. Drake's lines portray a sense of irritation and betrayal caused by his partner's lack of gratitude and understanding. The song delves into topics of dedication, emotional investment, and the anguish of unrecognized efforts. The tune also explores the concept of personal validation and the desire to prove oneself, even in the midst of emotional upheaval. Drake's eagerness to "pull out these credit card statements" demonstrates his desperate need to be recognized and accepted.

Uuugly Song Lyrics

Uuugly by Camila Cabello

Ayy, yeah

[Drake, Camila Cabello]
CC, they want me to break it down
CC, they need me to break it down
Lemme go break it down
We should just take the things I say as truth
There's not a measurin’ tape long enough that could measure the distance that I went for you
Please don't make me, please don't make me
Don’t make me pull out these credit card statements and show you the proof
It'll get ugly, uhh, ugly
This heart was broken a long time ago
My blood, it pumps from my hungover liver, then straight to my bones
Taught you everything you know
Just for your new link to think you a pro
What does he know?
What does he really know?
Two hands on your waist
One hand on my face
For someone so lost in life, you always manage to end up at my place
Trying me
Trying me (Trying me)
Trying me, trying me

[Camila ]
It'll get ugly

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