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Cam - Never Leave lyrics

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Never Leave by Cam

(Verse 1)
See I
Told her I’d never leave
Baby its you and me
And we gone build this empire together she me Queen
Yea she my Nefertiti
My rib so she completes me
So anytime she calls I’ll be there when she needs me
No I’m not here to waste yo time
Girl imma stimulate yo mind
If I could put you in a bottle you would be my
Alka- line
You just get better with timing
Yo soul it shines like a diamond
The perfect piece to my rhyming
No I won’t hesitate to make a song about you
I find it kinda hard to complete us without yo(U)
See girl I know yo value is something that’ll last forever
Shower you with love while we walking through this raining weather girl
(Chorus) I remember when we walked in the rain
You said you’d never leave me
(Verse 2)
And I meant it
I’m something like Steph Curry from 3
When it comes to my consistency
We bout to make some history
Maybe some little me’s
And a couple yo(U’s) is needed
To continuum this journey
Now girl please don’t gimme yo heart
Until I earned it
Cause I know one little mistake might make you burn it
Or maybe freeze it
Don’t let ya heart turn cold
Put it on hold
Until I
Can intertwine with yo soul
And become one
Now let us levitate with the sun
See girl I Rose to the occasion but you’re number 1
Yea that was cliché
But nowadays tell me what isn’t
Just hold me down while I’m out here going hard on this Mission
It’s nothing Impossible
Know that we gone Cruise when we finished
Then we gone sit back relax
And reminisce while we chillin
On a
Beach with our feet up
Like a
We the dream team baby tell me who gone beat us
Now who gone beat us?

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