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Cal Scruby - Michael Bay lyrics

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Michael Bay by Cal Scruby

I'm like f**k that b**ch on the other side, they know my grass is way greener
Find the baddest b**ch and I take her home and that ass on her like Trina
I'm just wondering if she got a man cuz there ain't no ring on that finger
I got pull-up game like Stephen Curry, my pull-out game is like Jenga
Shut the f**k up, I ain't tryna have no conversation
City show so much love when the boy came home broke MF had to hate it
I ain't have to make it, could've worked a 9-5 like you when I graduated
But I'm glad I waited, cuz I'ma hit your girl from the back; send a MF back to basics
Why ain't you listen? I told you be quiet (yeah)
Put out your album and nobody buying (yeah)
I get it, you on your hustle, I know you be trying (yeah)
You just keep mentioning all of these rappers I know so I know you be lying (nah)
This is a monologue, why am I speaking to you?
It's like confession with me in the booth, father forgive me for speaking the truth
I got that piece on my necklace turn water to wine, but I mix that vodka with juice
Switch it to whiskey and mixing vermouth, I'm drunk in Manhattan�
My sh*t blowing up
So many calls, my sh*t blowing up
No time to talk, my sh*t blowing up
My ringer off but I'm still blowing up
Yeah I'm blowing up
My sh*t blowing up
Like Independence Day, I'm blowing up
sh*t more like Michael Bay, I'm blowing up
Slow motion walk-away, I'm blowing up
Yeah I'm blowing up
Got that Swisher Sweet, pack sour; Sam Jackson, my pack louder
Riding around in that matte black on 24's like Jack Bauer
Rubber band on my left wrist, pulling up on my ex-b**ch
I broke up with that old girl but I'm still using her Netflix
f**k all my exes, I could still f**k all my exes, they tryna get drunk in my section
I know you mad cuz you standing in line and I just go in, I don't know where to exit
She give me neck for the necklace, she reckless; give her that dick like 50 Shades
I want all these whips and chains, damn I feel like Christian Gray
How many times did I tell you be quiet? (yeah)
Calling my phone and I'm hitting decline (yeah)
I got the minutes and data but I don't got time (yeah)
I'm tryna talk to the money; my inbox is full and you blocking my line (nah)
I'm changing my number, I gotta get back to the business
I'ma be running sh*t, you on that other sh*t; hop on a track and get back to the fitness
You keep on talking about sh*t you don't got like the money and cars and the clothes and the b**ches
I'm like when Jordan came back with the Bulls, you're like when Jordan came back with the Wizards

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