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Call Caedmon's - Where I Began lyrics

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Where I Began by Call Caedmon's

The grass looked greener on the other side
So I tried to snatch myself from Your hand
Caught a boat to anywhere but Ninevah
And, well, you know, I got spit back on dry land
Give me purit and give me confidence
But oh no, not yet
Like a coin hiding in the corner
Trying not to be swept
I was trying not to be swept
Kicking aginst these goals
Sure did cut up my feet
And didn't Your hands get bloody
As You washed them clean
And You washed them clean
Here I am again back where I began
Try as I may I can't get away from You
And all these roads that lead me to roam
Bring me back home
Here I am again back where I began
So you have yourself your ninety-nine
Isn't that enough for You
Still You followed me into the shadowed valley
Carried me on Your shoulders too
I've done the work of Sisyphus
Thinking that I could get over this hill
But the one thing I can't get over now
Is the force of Your will

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