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California Redemption - A lesson for history lyrics

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A lesson for history by California Redemption

Sister’s on the front lines and BIG BROTHER is watching over her.
Mother’s in the kitchen but there’s nothing cooking for supper.
Everybody’s waiting, but they don’t know what they’re waiting for.
A letter? a phone call? a press release? or something more?
It’s not like she wanted to ever have to hurt someone.
She figured it’s a job and there was nowhere else to run.
Like her family before her, she’s doing what she’s gotta do
and just like before her, she’s also gonna get the screw.
Planning a life but you don’t know when he’s coming home.
The Telephone is ringing but do you really want to get the phone?
You’ve got news yourself, but your scared of who is calling you
’cause you don’t want to hear that daddy died before he ever knew.
He grew up with his mother ‘cause his father never made it home.
We hear about it every day but this happened many years before.
He promised himself he’d never do it to his family
but through these tough times it was all that he could be.
Another day another casualty.
Another lesson to teach in history.
Another lie another fallacy.
Another reason to raise your voice sing.
They taught us how to crawl before we learned to walk
and we had to learn to listen before we learned to talk.
Did you ever think they’d teach us how to shoot and kill?
They taught us that a life is only there to pay the bills.
Of course they never taught us how to value what we should
’cause if we valued life it wouldn’t do them any good.
Remember that they didn’t skip the chapter on revenge
’cause they knew that they could use us, and disguise it as “defense”.
Did they ever teach you the true value of anything?
I’m not talking dollars; I’m talking of important things.
The true value of life, love, friends, and family is worth
a lot more than a buck and a lot more than some turf.
They teach us what we should think is right and wrong,
while all the patriots dance to their songs.

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