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Cage - Asta la vista lyrics

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Asta la vista by Cage

[Music: Dave Garcia]
[Lyrics: Sean Peck]
You try and invade my life,
You think you're my f**king wife
My back is holding your knife,
I have a few things to say
Yours ain't the only way,
Your b**ching has got me crazy
How many time do you,
Yell at me till I'm blue
I'm telling you now we're through
You get on my nerves you grate,
You're sorry but it's too late
You're leaving and I can't wait
You bother me you're going away
You bother me you're leaving today
I can see through you you are driving me
To the bitter end why can't you see
You sit there and wonder
Because you never listen
Here's something to ponder
Stop your f**king b**ching at me
You're sh*t is out of my place
I'm sick of you makeup face
Get out and don't leave a trace
We had a few nights of fun
Check that and make it one
Your leaving and watch me run
You are not the same
Free me from your pain
Reputation stain never more again

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