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Cadaver - Lie Is Its Name lyrics

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Lie Is Its Name by Cadaver

I've got a secret
My love, my parasite
I never gonna tell you
So never ask me why
It's hidden under my skin
This deadly sin of mine
Poison in my body
Pleasure makes me blind
My whole life is pain
Because of this love
It's my punishment
Will never be enough
Lie is it's name
Promises are mine
I don't care now
It leaves me as I die
Because of this love
I can't live my life
Because of this love
Can't find the way out
It invites me all the time
Into a circle deep inside
Floating through dimensions
Behind clouds I touch the sky
But there are shadows on faces
Every mouth is full of sand
They are standing in a row
It's a slow walk 'till the end

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