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Burden Of Grief - Awaiting Vultures lyrics

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Awaiting Vultures by Burden Of Grief

Surrounded by vultures, they circle above,
Waiting for my time.
I don't need to take on your problems,
Because I got mine.
Can you feel my pain? (Can you feel it?)
There's nails inside my fucking head
I haven't slept for days (I'm shaking)
I fucking wish they'd find me fucking dead.
I'm fucked, and it's plain to see,
That there's no fucking light that's guiding me.
So strip the meat from my bones,
Cause there's no fucking place I want to be.
So can you feel my pain? Do you want to see,
The day to day stress that's biting me?
I know in the end, you'll leave with a smile
Because you she'd tears like a crocodile.
(I don't care) about your shit
(I'm not fine) I'm breaking down.
(Fuck this life). And so I welcome the vultures,
I give up this fight.

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