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Bugs In Amber - Musical mischief lyrics

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Musical mischief by Bugs In Amber

Instill some insecurity in melodrama games prolonging issue parodies
tomorrow's good enough for me.
I bet on the worst case of seasickness
maybe I'll visit the moon just to breathe no air
I've had dream of musical mischief it seems
A language misused and unaware.
The lack of respect under a spell of blind eyes
And arrogant intervention ere.
Over your head I wouldn't go
does it seem I've fallen or stooped ungracious fool.
Music leads lot's of different rides to fall and skin - your knee and then -
Get up smiling over and over again. . .
I did not.
What went down.
But I do relate.
Blessed and disguised.
This same stride.
Over and over and over. . .
One up root to try and trip me up.
My glass half empty and I'll finish up.
Can't see my impression glow a red-hot glow.
Please just keep my impression gold. I'll hold it gold.
Lean on myself one more time. lost cause again?
My head more level than before. lost cause again.

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