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Buckshot - At Night (3AM Shit) lyrics

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At Night (3AM Shit) by Buckshot

One time, trouble in paradise, y'all parasites,
See me and my team, y'all rather bite in
Instead of telling me, y'all feeling me,
I got a problem, I got a post
And you see everybody on my crew
So I gotta cook, when I ain't serve up the beats,
I gotta a frado the hooks speak
I got a lot of crooks, more kind of forms,
I'm professional doing all kind of longs,
I'm just riding long, for the free trip
Wind up cold and hide like a sky trip,
I don't really need sh*t, jut my mind right,
Looking to my review, tryin to wine time like
Damn, I should have done this got way,
But now wish the back cave, as long as the fact stay
In front of me like a pig glasses,
I see y'al but I don't hear you
Asking at night, at night, at night.
At night, at night, at night, at night
It's trouble in the hood too, you got it good too
Days when I'm ducking the strains with your moving through
I know how to hood too, especially in hoodies
Dreams, taking this cream far from if you .. your minds,
They bum me, your changes homeless, no dime no quarter
Nigga your own sh*t so,
Why you in the plot and plan when the real pot and pencil
Is not in your hand and damn
I can show you how to bake in the process,
Need hundred degrees, my heat better rise,
Let the rise, I could ride you and dare you
I'd rather be on your size, so I could be near you
I hear you and if you hear me, talking through your head body frame
Everywhere I'm walking that night.
At night, at night, at night, at night
Everywhere we're walking, uh uh uh uh
Can you hear me talking? Uh uh uh uh
I mean you're sobbing, f**k shine out of shine ..
The night come, the night come so.

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