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Buck - The suicide pact lyrics

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The suicide pact by Buck

I've been waiting, saving my pennies
pennies from heaven, heaven above
you've been saying we should be married
why should we marry when we're so in love?
bluebirds fly overhead; we'll be so happy when we're dead / we'll take a trip, no turning back
our little suicide pact
pills and poison, buried treasure; stormy weather brings me a smile
the deepest of oceans, the highest of buildings
so many choices; so little time
write a letter, Valentine; sign your name on the dotted line / take a trip, turning back
our little suicide pact
for us there's no tomorrow; there's no today
we'll stand still in yesterday
kiss me once and kiss me twice; once for naughty, once for nice / make your bed and say goodnight and I'll see you in paradise
our little, our little, our little suicide pact

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