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Buck 65 - Lipstick lyrics

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Lipstick by Buck 65

Nice and naughty, dark angel, enticing body
Oddity, sexual object, hot commodity
I've seen the future, the source of metamorphosis
Broken home, spoke alone, grew up in an orphanage
Free spirited, easy-going, percipient
Hot under the collar, a scholarship recipient
Neck sore, people should explore sex more
X, not exactly the girl next door
Queen of hearts, everybody's seen the parts
Dark corners for the very most obscene of arts
Body beautiful, long hair, coal black
Whole stack, never been one to hold back
The eyes have it, few words said, cryptic
Cameras flashing, nothing on but red lipstick
Dangerous curves, kids crying, adults wallowing
Girl with the perfect figure and cult following
Shy but daring, more poses, try comparing
Without glitz, homemade outfits that I am wearing
Outrageous extrovert, I speak up with passions
Business and politics, don't keep up with fashions
The camera loves me more than the typewriter or drink tray
I'm humble, my favourite record's "Rumble" by Link Wray
Hair, makeup, don't care; shake it in their snake pit
I love to swim and roam around the home bare naked
Simple and exotic, why should you be afraid
Of a cutie displayed in the pages of "Beauty Parade"?
Duty betrayed, cry and beg, watch out for the flying leg
Hips and shoulders, the drips can go fry an egg
Sweaty, painless, getting to be pretty famous
Amused man plenty, I'm a huge fan of Bette Davis
Some call me Jungle Girl, Polka Dot, Peppermint
Effortless, see me in a bikini made of leopard print
Cavorting in the forest nude, I go there still
Most parties and dances are Nowheresville
Joe blows and bozos with weird fetishes and no-nos
The S&M themes pay me for the other photos
It's necessary, better than being a secretary
Oddly assuming there's nothing wrong with the human body
But this month there's a witch hunt, they chase me today
I wish a flying saucer would take me away sometimes

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