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Bro'Sis - All of the above lyrics

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All of the above by Bro'Sis

It wasn't so long ago
You'd never doubt a word I said
So why is it lately
It seems that's the only thing
That's running round your head
You're still making up your mind
Whether to believe me
Well honesty is hard to find
I guess it's time I underlined the way I feel
You ask me what you mean to me
If it's for real
When I wake up in the morning
You're the first thing on my mind
Or the last thing that I think of
When I close my eyes at night
And then later while I'm sleeping
Is it you I'm dreaming of
Is this infatuation or is it love
All of the above
All of the above
So now it's time to decide
Whether you have faith in me
'Cause god only knows I've tried
To sympathise with all your insecurities
Is there something more that I can do to make you see, yeah, yeah, yeah…
When I wake up...
I could write it in a letter and send it to you
I could paint you a picture to get the message through
Tell me how can I communicate
The feelings I have for you in my heart
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