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Brian McDonnell - Me Myself And Hustler lyrics

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Me Myself And Hustler by Brian McDonnell

I was listening to Cher back in '99
I play every goal and I read you every lines
I do for my sister I do it for my son
That Young Jeezy song Go Getta will never play on
My son will never play R Kelly and Jay
B show Jay they really married today
Can't leave rap alone the friends need me
I want you back I really want to see me
I call my new phone every day and night
Don't say it's good and it don't seem it's right
It's all good to see the homie in the streets
And so forget I can get rid of all the sheets
Me myself and hustler it's when I meet the streets
I try to get it for my homie couldn't speak
I'm still here I get an autograph to sign
The streets is all yours the streets is all mine (2x)
I get busy when I get off on the plane
I'm usual in case of Shaq and Lebron James
The sun won't shine (2x)
Cause your the best thing that's ever been mine
From Bronx to Dallas to LA
My girlfriend says you had a scar on your face
I'm just having a drink at the VIP
You got me so hypnotize like that boy Biggie
Bed, sheet windows and doors
I got my second haircut when I was four
Put your hands in the sky if you stay there
I'm nino white and I got some black hair
No matter what what you been sleep in your bed
We couldn't texting on your phone with your true friend
I don't see nobody when I turn off the lights
I really didn't come at you out of the sight
I go hard till I got to school
I love this girl when I was so cool
I didn't you to come you didn't come to me
Tonight we really getting wasted in the VIP
She came to me at my birthday bash
I didn't hurt you when I came back to class
This is my moment and I couldn't live today
Got to get it and I gotta go my own way

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