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Brian Head Welch - Loyalty lyrics

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Loyalty by Brian Head Welch

Let's make
A hit
We'll be
So rich and famous
We'll have
It all
We'll be
Everyone's favorite
No way
I won't
Sell out for more money
Kill me
I'd rather die
It took us
Ten years
To build our fan base
I quit
I can't
I won't live a lie
This is goodbye
Has all been thrown away
Where did all the Loyalty go?
Where did it go?
I've quit
What now?
Do I sit in Church and pray?
No way
Not me
I've got to try and change things
Without failing
I'm not crazy
I just want to help
Our gift of life we forget quick
Teenage abortion
It's so sick
We give these kids a choice to kill
Then they hate themselves because we gave them free will
But God loves them still
Please don't lie
Or kill
It's making me I'll
Please just don't LIE
Just don't KILL
Please can't you stop it's making me I'll
Isn't it
Time for us
To be real?
World love
Bring it back
Bring me love

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