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Breed 77 - Valium lyrics

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Valium by Breed 77

What Is My Reason
I'm Out Of Season
I Guess I Should Have Stayed At Home
Why Are You Frightened
I Am Enlightened
My God's Created Down Below
Let Me Go
Inside My Blackness
There's No Politeness
A Pill Sits Nicely On Your Tongue
Why Are You Frightening
I Am Enlightening
My God's Created Down Below
Floating On The Wing-Tips Of Time
Valley Down In Wastes That Are Mine
Falling Through The Seams In My Soul
My High Is Created Below
Why Are You Asking
All These Questions
The Answer's Pharmaceutical
I Am The Answer
To All Your Problems
My God Keeps Spinning Round And Round
Way Down Inside
In Places You Try To Hide
Deeper, Deeper Underground
If You Let Me I Will Take You Down

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