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Brandy - A Capella (Something's Missing) lyrics

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A Capella (Something's Missing) by Brandy

Boom, Clap [6x]
(Verse One)
I'm feelin' such a vacancy
I don't feel whole
(Whole, whole)
Wish I could put my finger on it,
But I don't know what it is
I looked in every place I could see
Tryna find the missin' part of me
I can't explain this feelin'
(Doo, doo, doo)
Feels like I'm on a wrong journey
Goin in circles
And I ain't even goin' nowhere
I'm lost in the middle of nowhereeeee
Somethin is missin
(Somebody help me)
Somethin is missin
(Missin a part of me, yeah)
Somethin is missin
(Show me what it is)
Show me what's missin
(Ooooohh, ohhhhh, oh-oh, oh-oh,
(Verse Two)
I'm in a dark room
In a bad position
I'm lookin' for the light to restore
My vision
Cause I'm walkin' blind
I keep fallin down
I can't find my way
(My way)
I can't explain this feelin'
[Chorus 1x]
Feels like I'm leavin
Somethin behind
Can't think straight,
Somethin's on my mind
Can't pay attention cause I'm
Also broke
Can't find the words cause
They all been spoke
The answer's gotta be right
(Be right)
In my face
What I gotta do to
Fill this empty space, oh?
[Chorus 1x]

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