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Brandon Rhyder - Last Swan Song lyrics

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Last Swan Song by Brandon Rhyder

I'm not gonna lie to you, not even if you ask me to
What's done is done, the past is now the past
We made mistakes and we paved the way to pack our bags and walk away
And darlin' I promise I have no regrets
Sometimes it's best to dance alone
Cause I'm not changing, you're not changing, it makes no sense to keep rearranging
We never promised each other forever, we never promised for worse or for better
Sometimes it's best to dance alone
This is our last swan song
I can't tell you how much fun it's been, we held each other through thick and thin
To survive the hurt of other lovers
Infatuation had a style and undercover
There's nothing better than needing one another
But in the end it just doesn't work
Sometimes it's best to dance alone
And we could pretend that it's not over
But in the end, it just doesn't work
Our last swan song
(I never meant to hurt you baby

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