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Bones - Chrome lyrics

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Chrome by Bones

[Verse 1]
You got a false image
b**ch, I got no limits
You trip, I slap a clip in
I’m banging chrome finish
Don’t be another victim
You pussies try to fit in
This f**kin’ scene is sickenin’
It’s scary how I’m livin’
[Verse 2]
I fall asleep and pass away, then wake up blunt twistin’
Even if I’m drowning like Whitney, I keep a razor with me
Cool it down like New Edition, then go froze when you see me
I don’t f**k with the city, rather be in the forest
Solar cells up on my cottage, hear the birds in the morning
Earl Grey in my kettle
Off the grid how I settle
Super [?] how I travel
This how I cope with my mental
I engrained myself in history b**ch I’ll be here forever
I be so on my sh*t I’ma foreclose your [?]
No, you not like me
So when night fall she dip, dip
Pager all on my hip, hip
Whole game on my dick, dick
Motherf**k yo clique, give a f**k what you think, b**ch
I lift it up and I’m shaking the earth
Sharpen my blade and I’m bringin’ the hurt
Deep in the dirt, hittin’ the curb
b**ch don’t talk to me, don’t get on my nerves
Cashed as a b**ch now I’m slurring my words
This my confession, I’m letting it burn
Told you already, b**ch when will you learn?
SESH is forever till I’m in the earth

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