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Bo Diddley - Say Boss Man lyrics

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Say Boss Man by Bo Diddley

Say Boss Man Trk 4 Disc 2 2:33
(Ellas McDaniel)
Bo Diddley - vocal & guitar, Willie Dixon - bass
Clifton James or Frank Kirkland - drums
Peggy Jones - bking vocal, Jerome Green - maracas,
Lafayette Leake - piano, poss. Harvey Fuqua male vocal.
Recorded Aug. 15, 1957, Originally Checker single #878
Album: Bo Diddley 'I'm A Man - The Chess Masters 1955-1958'
B0009231-02 Hipo Select (Geffen) 2007
A-huh-huh (a-um)
A-huh-huh (a-um)
I got nineteen kids at home gotta eat
Eighteen of 'em need shoes on their feet
Boss man can't you see?
All nineteen kids I've gotta feed
Early this mo'nin landlord knock on do's
Don't pay the rent boy you gotta go
Three days, three months in arrears
Five days notice you move away from here
(Piano & chorus)
Worked all day any overtime
Nineteen kids drive me outta my mind
Place I used to work they went on a strike
No use tryin' they'll never take me back
A-huh-huh (a-um)
(A-huh-huh) a-huh-huh, move (hey) (a-um) (hey)
Never gonna move (hey) (a-um) (hey)
(A-huh-huh) I gotta move (a-um)
(A-huh-huh) uh-huh-huh.

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