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Bob Mould - Marv Bites lyrics

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Marv Bites by Bob Mould

Was he a saint?
Was he a worm?
She's telling lies...
That's what I heard.
NBC's pissed
He's bringing them down.
His cannibal kiss
Is all over town.
In his room at night,
Marv bites, Marv bites.
Marv Albert in the night,
He bites...
If you're just friends,
Marvin will strip,
Grab your rear end,
Bite through your slip.
Up in his room,
Won't get to sleep.
He's after a thrill
Here come the sheep.
In your bed at night,
Marv bites, Marv bites.
Be afraid tonight,
Marv bites you, invites you to feast on his pipe.
Then he wines you, then dines on you with his pearly whites...
Marv bites.
So cover your back,
'Cause he's got the nerve.
Don't go upstairs
Or you're the hors d'oevures.
In the dead of night,
Marv bites, he bites.
Speak into his mike,
Or Marv bites.
.And it hurts.

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