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Bob Mould - Dark Side Of Naboo lyrics

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Dark Side Of Naboo by Bob Mould

Dark Side Of Naboo
(Dark Side Of The Moon/Eclipse-Pink Floyd)
The Jedi knights are on the glass
You get one free when pumping gas
There's Jar-Jar Binx and rubber Yoda masks
Got to get the whole set while they last
Collectors fight for action figures in the store
And every day the Taiwanese make more
And when the damn film closes, it won't be too soon
There'll still be lots of toys at Taco Bell
And if those marketeers don't change their present course
They'll drive me to the dark side of The Force
All that you touch
And all that you see
Star Wars in your face
At every meal
The shoes on your feet
And potato chips you eat
The chicken you bite
George Lucas sold the rights
And when all this ends
The video will come
And someone must drink
Every Pepsi can under the sun 'til they're through
To get rid of the Queen of Naboo
(There is no dark side of The Force)
(It is all marketing, Hmmm)
(Gullible you are. Sold you have been. Hm? Hm?)
(Taco... chicken-chicken... Hm. Hm. Yoda, hmmm)
(Kermit is his dinner. Hm? Hm?)
(Ruining the planet it will be? Side of the road it will be, hm?)
(Pepsi cans, hm? Real hm. GARBAGE! Hmph hmph)

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