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Blazin' Squad - Let's Start Again (Remix) lyrics

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Let's Start Again (Remix) by Blazin' Squad

[Feat. Bashy & Chipmunk]
Always get through this x 2
Don't tell me that this on happened
I'll prove you wrong,
You don't see us again,
But maybe through this song,
You'll understand my intentions,
I've moved on, fires out,
So let the ashes lay, let the ashes lay, let the ashes lay... Let the ashes lay...
Yo, ever since 4 o clock I, realised that your a lot acting an awful lot, I thought I autta stop, coz I can't stop fallen off, no and I ain't one to talk a lot so I'm pulling out all the stops, after all the knocks, no longer shots, coz I been there, done that, wore the socks, oh wore the tops with the horsy and bust, woah, I'm a ride I try to turn all, breath fire the turns on tyre, mess with my life you better call the cops, bro. Return of the dragon, no bad wagon, haven't just jumped the scene, seen, been there since I was under 18 with yellow gold teeth in the mouth was the fashion you can't fly for my passion, [no], my love for you is unchallenged, [yeah], no man can match what bash is, [no] me without you is tragic, I've changed my ways got a majority you can only gain with age, the heart is past that stage, no fall, lets start again...
Wanna Hold you, wanna love you, wanna feel you,
And you'll never understand how much I miss you,
Girl I need you, wanna breathe you, wanna live you
So lets start again
Lets start again x3
It's the feat of monster
Beast hahaha
Check it,
Here's something we got in common, [what's that?] we both like meat, [oh] stylish honey, oh yes I beat, C-H-I don't forget that P, my money, and you know I'm about my money, so I put that over the chips, [str8 up] You push it like salt and pepper, [too far], but can't get over the chips, [no] you probably think that I'm taken the Mick, [tell em why] I told you I was gonna change, I say I have but you say I gained, so what's that a dusty position, so mark me, play your position, by that I'm gonna stay close, [well done] we know temptations like, there's some good lookin' hoes, up in my face when I'm doing a rave, come onto you and feeling the rage, you do this, munk you do that, [love me], I'm a solo artist babe [yep], we can make up with a hug [whys that], coz a hug might lead to a kiss [then what], and a kiss might lead to a OHH [oh yes], so come here and give me a hug, Munk!
I moved on fires out I'm a changed man better believe me now, hold back thought within, let us start again x2
Always get through this of we try...
Wanna hold you, wanna love you, wanna feel you,
And you'll never understand how much I miss you,
Girl I need you, wanna live you, wanna breathe you
So lets start again...
Lets start again x 4
All ways get through this if we try...

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