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Black Oak Arkansas - Fightin' Cock lyrics

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Fightin' Cock by Black Oak Arkansas

Down south there's a gamblin' sport
Where they throw cock-roosters in a pit
Son, ain't syin' what's right or wrong.
I'm just sayin' how it is
One day I came across a small country town
And all kinds of excitement was comin' down
The folks spent all their money
For a fight to the finish
With a champion fightin' cock Oh Oh Oh
Fightin' cock You're spurs are hot
They came to see the battle from miles around
Ain't no other rooster could ever put him down
They never heard of mercy nor the meaning of fear
The only thing they understood
Was happening right there
Oh Oh Oh Fight cock
Won't you show me what you got
While you're spurs are hot
His feathers were ruffled
His tail was so bright
Struttin' real fancy
He always moved just right
And then he screamed out as did before
Because because he's in the middle
He stood no more
Oh Oh Oh Fightin' cock
Oh Oh Oh won't you show
Me what you've got
Oh Oh Oh fightin' cock
Oh Oh Oh you're spurs are hot

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