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Blacker - Complications lyrics

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Complications by Blacker

You're so fine but you don't know
The things that I make up about you
It's kind of weird and you're always confusing
You say things in the morning
take it back in the evening
You tell me that you love me
But two minutes gone, you ditch me
The girls all laughed and the lads all sneered
That I was rejected by you
I was lying on the ground, staring at the stations
Wondering about all these stupid complications
Are you all right you ask me then
I kind of get a fright though I know I'm all right
Your nasty dog is as cruel as you
He tore the soul of my brand new shoe
I kicked the f***er he bit me hard
Your dad came out and beat me blue
I'm wondering what the hell is wrong with you
Your friends are weird and your mom is to
She covered up her privates with bits of masking tape
Because sure as hell she wasn't going to suffer another rape
You asked if I could stay I said I would if thats ok
Then you laughed at me and told me to p**s off
I asked whats wrong she said it's me
And told me to my face that I was butt ugly
And said I was slow, that i'd never win a race
With that she then slapped me twice across the face
She stalked off with her high heels clicking
I saw all the the lads, their middle fingers upwards sticking
Today she rang and aked me how I was
I told her I would get her bad
She came to my house and laughed at me
I struck the motherf***er, her face collided with my knee
I'm in jail now

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