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Black Dresses - Nightwish lyrics

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Nightwish by Black Dresses

I used to want to mean
Something to somebody
But people never see
The side of you you want to be
And when the air is smoke
And when the sky burns out
I hope no one is looking at me
When the sun explodes
Perfect blue, put my PayPal in a coffin
Small dick, small balls, what do you want from me?
f**k up every so often
Yeah we got problems every so often
I'm grateful for the time we had to do childish things
Like making songs:
LikŠµ this one
Stars shooting overhead as Šµverything in the universe falls apart
How romantic, like kissing under fireworks, but...
As our bodies burn to light
As our bodies turn to raw energy with no identity, uh...
Let's meet back here again
We can do a little show
We can sing a couple songs
We can fight over how the songs go
I know it's not much
For all the things in the world
Not much, but let's just have-
Let's just still try to have fun

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