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Bizzy Bone - Marchin' on washington lyrics

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Marchin' on washington by Bizzy Bone

Bizzy (wit gunfire and explosions in tha background):
It's time to give up the ghost. [Yo, what the f**k is this nigga?] Give up the ghost. [sh*t, niggas can't even get it on nowadays!] Niggas probably think we crazy up in this muthaf**ka. Ha ha ha! I got my mob up in this muthaf**ka [My cousins fightin' my cousins.], oh and they are ready for war! Let me hear my regime, make some muthaf**kin' noise! [My brother fightin' my muthaf**ka sista.] It's a war going on in the Universe against good and evil. [and my daddy . . .] [Regime roars.]
Niggas don't give a f**k out here, boy. It's a war goin' on out here, you ain't knowin'. Can I smoke, smoke? Can I smoke? I tell you, it's a war goin' on out here. It's good and evil, man. That's just my camouflage, muthaf**ka. You boys is off the hook.
Bizzy 1:
It's a war goin on and my dogs is raw, nigga look in your rearview and tell me what you saw. I seen this bulletproof nigga with his hand on his gun. I said nigga, you push the gas and somebody run. We all scatter from the chit-chat, bang . . .
Bizzy 2:
You think I'm high nigga, you got me f**ked up. I'm lookin' through your eyes, nigga, and I'm so tough as f**k, coughin' daily. Nigga, look the same popped comet comin' at you? Who's gonna stop it? I say we droppin' these hits--straight platinum, can you hack it? Hell yeah, I've been rappin' since you was goin' on, now what's happenin'? Run DMC, can you walk this way? Hell naw, nigga, but I can sure pull my pistol and pop you, stupid muthaf**ka.

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