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Bio Killaz - Go To War lyrics

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Go To War by Bio Killaz

Rage Sample-
Didn't I tell ya it just gets betta. You. You know sumn?
Dis sh*t is funnier den hell. WAIT! I just thought of sumn.
f**k you Dj Saint Sinner, you should be named Bj Saint Sinner.
You b**ch ass faggot. Woops, sorry.
Left, Left, Left, Right, Left (Repeated)
Eh, you over there, get in line.
You think this is a muthaf**kin game?
This is muthaf**kin' war!
You wanna call my name out then you say you're sorry?
Damn right you're sorry, I'll leave ya callin' for ya mommy
Killaz comin' back for a lyrical warfare
b**ch you better beware this ain't no f**kin' bomb scare
You still hold a grudge from when WAK departed
Every word that ya spittin' make you seem more retarded
You claimin' you a thug, and you claim Tha CFG
Your lyrical skill is too far away to be
Called a rap artist, your nuthin' but a joke
Soon as you get booed, ya f**kin' ass choke
You think you make it somewhere? Well ya ass is outta luck
Ya CD was givin' to me 'cause ya f**kin' ass suck
You try an' apologize when I hear about your lies
You try an' say I'm too scared to look you in the eyes
Well you know where I'm at, let's settle the score
Your lyrics are a bore muthaf**ka prepare for war
Left, Left, Left, Right, Left (Repeated)
Uh, uh uh, uh uh, Go To War (Repated)
Mutha f**ka, you ready to contest with the best?
You a joke foo, Ima smoke you, like cess
Wanna call Saint out? Well all of Killa Kore is backin'
Dissin' ya slackin', now it's warfare attackin'
Our music's like a Mack Ten, it goes boom
But when you bumpin' sumthin' like you niggaz clear tha room
You say 'sorry' after a diss, what tha f**k is this sh*t?
Sounds like to me that you a pussy ass b**ch
Differences between Bio Killaz, and Rage
We got fans, you don't, we rock, you blow, we on the next page
Oh what nigga? Gon' shoot me in the head?
Well back it tha f**k up chump, 'cause that's what you said
Now you're all askin' questions, and bein' all nice
As you can tell I got no respect, to diss I didn't think twice
Mutha f**ka, now I'm challengin' you right now
To battle rap the Bio Killaz and cry for a whole crowd
Left, Left, Left, Right, Left (Repeated)
Uh, uh uh, uh uh, Go To War (Repated)
You wanna spit that wack sh*t then you wanna diss?
Well you can suck on my dick an' then choke on my fist
There ain't a damn thing you could do to discourage me
b**ch can't you see? You can't f**k with me destiny
You better recognize when you see a true emcee
Wigga please, dissin' you is a breeze
In ten years I'll laugh when I look you in your eyes
You'll be broke as f**k, and servin' me my fries
Lies, all you speak, but we got the real
Managers, shows, hoes, and tha whole Killa Kore deal
Everyone I talk to, all thirteen that heard your CD
Told me you f**kin' suck, you'll never be me
CFG, ever since you heard us sayin' it
You f**kin' playin' it, and now ya b**ch ass is claimin' it
Get ya own sh*t, and get off a few dicks
Oh and by the way we look forward to your retaliation diss

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