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Bill Cosby - Wild Style lyrics

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Wild Style by Bill Cosby

[Feat. Termanology and Fred the Godson]
Is the return of the wild style, just [?] you [?]
Wild style, wild style
Is the return of the wild style, just [?] you [?]
Is the retun
I'm on a spiritual high smoke that lyrical lie,
My cutties keep that vanilla shit in the sky
Even if it's laced, I roll piff to get by,
The burner in your face means you got some shit in your eye
I fire shots put your ass in a quiet box
And when the riot stops I'm the one firing cops
I smoke Phillies I can kill an entire box
I'm the Gorilla killer you on ya mozilla firefox
Try and bark, I'll put you down on dead dogs ‚cause I'm a shark
Really to you I'm Reinhart,
I run over ya head, leaving your face with tire marks, put a grenade in
Your mouth
And blow your life apart,
And any mission I embark has a violent start,
Bloody ending is so depending if the knife is sharp,
This is psycho talk my blades lipo-sharp, I'm down to fight a whole block,
Fuck the cops! *
Is the return of the wild style, wild style
Just [?] you [?]
Wild style, wild style
Is the return of the wild style, just [?] you [?]
Is the return
All I do is write verses and wrap up rubberbands
Roll a'84 and roll up a Wood with my other hand
And I fuck with felons don't fuck with the F.E.D.s
They know I'm selling something ain't nobody selling cd's
Another trick up my sleeve, but another bitch that I'm sticking
I introduce to the sniffing and dick in different positions
Got introduced to some friends and sit back as if I was flipping
She sniffing that shit in daily, your daughter need interventions!
That's some cold shit! Fred, you musta be smoking water when you wrote this
Nah I'm in Brooklyn, back from Gary fresh off a dope flip
Do the speed limit pay attention and never smoke shit
Call up Dominican H and told him I was posted!
Baby face gangsta stay with 3 bangers
Heat the microwave and cut up them cookies like Famous Amos
Shit get rectified by sticking this dope in a bitch's anus
[?] shoot that to my brother let's get this paper bitch!
Flow superior to others often than I fell
Freddie and fred feel like I'm talking to myself
Fast rhymes I'm [?] the metaphor I own is [?]
Call [?] niggas I'm [?] with discussion [?]
So leg [?] I ain't really got beaf I'm just kind of collector
Is the return of the wild style ice in the quarter [?] back [?]
It went dementional I got style is my freestyle now
I respect you when you [?] to get there
My terminology but I [?]

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