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Big Sean - Open Bar (Freestyle) lyrics

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Open Bar (Freestyle) by Big Sean

Big Sean, if you don't mind, let's do Open Bar
You ready?
Open Bar, let's go
We call this Open Bar, 4 bars, 4 topics
Should be easy for you, you ready?
Yeah, gimme, gimme while I'm drunk
4 bars 4 topics, Open Bar at the liftoff with B I G Sean
Big Sean, J Cruz, Justin Credible
First topic, Floyd Mayweather
Check in, 4 bars, open bar
(Verse: Floyd Mayweather)
Floyd Mayweather, just like him, I'm undefeated
I had a couple of girls in my room and now I'm gun depleted
I feel like I'm goin' hard, I feel like I'm undefeated
That was just a rhymin' word, I didn't mean it
Don't get me caught up, don't get me twisted
I been goin' in the liftoff, you know I'm lifted
I been doin' it, don't forget, aight, that's 4 bars
4 bars 4 topics, Open Bar
4 bars 4 topics,, LA girls
Big Sean, J Cruz, Justin Credible
(Verse 2: LA girls)
Shout out to my LA ladies
Lazy, man, some LA girls so lazy
Man, shout out to LA girls, man
You know it's sunny cuz em girls be there shaded
I mean sometimes these girls be actin' crazy
You know I be in and goin', actin' crazy
You know I'm goin' at that champagne, maybe
I mean
Open Bar
4 bars 4 topics, liftoff
Power 106
Niki Minaj's ass
Aw, you got this, you got this, let's go
Open Bar
4 bars 4 topics, nah, you good, you good
I mean, we all like it
(Verse 3: Niki Minaj's ass)
Aight, man, it's all good, it's all jokes
You know I'm on my silly, know I'm on my silly flow
You know I got in the ass video silly clothes
You know I was the first one to have her bend it over in a video
I just said thank, lay really low
Aight, Big Sean, one more topic, 4 bars 4 topics
Crazy chicks, crazy chicks
We all know them, there's a few in here right now
Open Bar at the liftoff
Power 106
Big Sean, J Cruz, Justin Credible
(Verse 4: crazy girls)
Yes, this a crazy world
Sometimes it's crazy girls
That tell you that you made em
Alright, hold on man, look
Y'all gon' make me rappin' about some stuff man
Hol' up, man, I'm runnin' on hell lines right now
I'mma have to stop while I'm ahead, man

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