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Big & Rich - Rollin' (the ballad of big & rich) lyrics

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Rollin' (the ballad of big & rich) by Big & Rich

Brothers and sisters
We're here for one reason and one reason only
To share our love of music
I present to you, country music without prejudice
Country boys don't rock n' roll
Yeah, the record man told me so
You'll never get it on the radio
Why they tryin' to complicate, the simple music that we make
Oh, cause if it moves my soul, I'm gonna keep on rollin', rollin'
Hey, just wanna hear everybody sing (rollin', rollin')
At the top of your lungs, till the windows break (rollin', rollin') Say hey, hey, hey
Ain't gonna shut my mouth
Don't mind if I stand out in a crowd
Just want to live out loud
I know there's got to be
A few hundred million more like me
Just trying to keep it free
Charley Pride was the man in black
Rock n' roll used to be about Johnny Cash
Hey, what you think about that
I'm a crazy son of a... (bad word)
But, I know I'm gonna make it big and rich
Yeah, I'm gonna let it rip
Cowboy Troy
Dum-diggity-dum, diggity-diggity-dum, dig this
Slicker than the grease from a BBQ brisket
Got more chunk than a fresh potato salad
You thought you had your answer, but your answer wasn't valid
You're lookin' at me crazy, cause you think I'm loco
The big, black cowboy with the crazy vocal
Todas las personas estan gritando arriva
Now you heard it, now you're a believer
Esta cancion es para toda lagente
Es muy importante a usar su mente
So let go of all your preconceived notions
Get up on your feet and put your body in motion
Cause back home we love to dance
We could be two-steppin' or ravin' to trance
And when the party is crunk, the girls back it up
We've got the systems in the cars and the 20's on the trucks
6'4" with a cowboy hat
I don't mess around, yo, what's up with that
I'm Cowboy Troy, a Texas hick
And I'm rollin' with the brothas, Big & Rich
Go cowboy, go cowboy, go
(Go cowboy, go cowboy, go)
Go cowboy, go cowboy, go
(Go cowboy, go cowboy, go)
[chorus 2x]

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