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Bif Naked - Zoinks! lyrics

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Zoinks! by Bif Naked

Last summer in Italy, a festival tour, another band asked a Milanese journalist what I was like. Unbeknownst to them, within earshot of my crew. He says, "Oh you know, an angry white female." What a cop-out! What a lazy answer. Strangely, everytime I ever was around any of these press dudes I was in a very good mood. Being a ham, being comic. What gives? No one who has not been in my bed laming out with premature ejaculation, or cheaters, has ever seen me angry. Ask my last fiancé why I put a knife to his throat. That was anger. You people haven't seen it. You think this is anger? This is mild annoyance. And even if I was angry right this very minute, so what? I should be angry, and so should you. The world is thoroughly f**ked. Seriously, look around you. A 6 foot tall anorexic woman with plastic breasts is making me feel weird about my own body. What's up with that? Seriously, we're not completely stupid. are we? I mean, I know this sounds like some b**chy rant, but I really feel w
e gotta address this. I believe in healthy mind, healthy body. I believe in fitness, and in wholesome food. I believe in makeup for those who choose. I understand that essentially, body shape is fashion and trend of the era and trend of the region. I understand Marilyn Monroe was a size 16 dress and no one can deny Mae West was full of sex appeal. Back then the
skinny girls were kinda rackety, and not voluptuous enough. I mean, logistically materialistic shallow modern-day society, well, I, I used to think it was an intelligence quotient kinda thing. Seriously, or, or a maturity issue. Is it truly personal priority, or is it a hard of cows thing? You know, like
we're all stupid shallow conformists with a low enough IQ to accept being shown and told the standard of beauty and blindly following it. There's a lack of individualism and spirituality. Can a devotee of Krishna wear mascara? Can a Buddhist stain their lips? It would not matter at all, would it? What insecure egomaniacs we all. What is truly important in life? Health, happiness, maybe not even happiness. Certainly not beauty. And then, on top of all of this, there is, mainstream media, and the entertainment industry. ZOINKS! I'm f**ked.

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