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Bif Naked - Intertuption lyrics

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Intertuption by Bif Naked

Ok, I don't exactly know where you are in your listening progress, I am chewing gum right now because I just had to sneak in here and say something. K number one I dunno ah you know a lot of this is uh different times and stuff but this may be around the time when im getting a cold. Just so you know. Im just kinda holding on man, ya know holding on until I get to go snowboarding, that's all I do, I just hold on, im just holding on. Uh and I got eh ya know spit in my mouth all the time, ya know so im trying really hard like not to have spit in my mouth. it's been a problem for me ever since I quit smoking, which by the was September 16th, and I have not had a good nights sleep since I quit soo I dunno. Anyway so I hope your enjoying this, Huh huh just thought I'd come on and say that I may be getting a cold so sorry if I sound like that, or it could be allergies, depending on the time of day that I was speaking, uh if it was night time im just usually probably sounding way more sh*tty. Ok uhh..Continue

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