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I'm Not Afraid Lyrics



I'm Not Afraid Song Lyrics

I'm Not Afraid by Betrayed

I am not afraid
To look inside myself and see
Both the good and the bad
And try to understand
How can I better myself

And I am not afraid
To face my insecurities
To be free of the weight of self doubt
And to learn to trust myself

So why is everyone so content?
They just hide away
Where they'll always be
A stranger to themselves
But always wanting to be free

I am not afraid
To open myself up to the world
To share what I know

And to learn and grow
Because nothing is gained by silence

And I am not afraid
To stand up for what I know is right
Too many people are scared
Just to show that they care
And we're running out of time

And there is no reason for this fear
That separates us, that isolates us
Just turn your back on it and take back your life
Just take back your life

It's up to you, and you just need to say

I am not afraid to take back my life

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