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Bestial Warlust - Orgy Of Souls (Hallowed Night) lyrics

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Orgy Of Souls (Hallowed Night) by Bestial Warlust

[Lyrics by: Skullf**ker]
Maddened Creatures of Unholy Rite
Gates Open This Darkest Night
Souls of An Unforgotten Age
We Cast Forth Through The Gates of Hell
Bring Forth The Spirit of Lust
Bring Forth The Hallowed Cunt
Bring Forth The Alter of Blood
Bring Forth The Seeds of Dark
Demonical Fiends All Around
All Chanting A Twisted Sound
Bodies Dressed In Earths Mud
Evoking Ones Darkest Blood
Bring Forth unholy Sword
Bring Forth The Defiled Host
Bring Forth The Chalice of Blood
Bring Forth The Crimson Fire
Our Torches Are Raised High
The Paths Are Endless
On This Darkened Night
We're God And Goddess
Orgies Perverse And Bloodstained Souls
Naked Flesh Is f**king Goat
Horror And Lust Is Divine Delight
Hellish Content Is Raping Mind
Fire, Earth Semen And Hell
Water, Air Goats And Bell
Total Chaos Phallus Venom
Goblet Flows Cunts Rum
Sabbat Complete
Desire Fulfilled
Pentagram Closed
Demons Return

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