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Berner - So Much Joy lyrics

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So Much Joy by Berner

Thats why our days are only money days
I aint turning off thou
Working babe
Somewhere in the hills sh*tty phone calls
Chopping down trees, let em grow tall
Send em to the mall, get her nails done
Across the street watching when her mail come
Waiting for the text, and thats good
Send another twenty out, all good
Touch down the eight ill
Bad news, he got cut up and wont make bail
We kiss and just let em swim with the fishes
We die young and dug in the prison
Im drift in water so sh*t blast
Forty cal on my left, probably live so fast
Im laughing on these broke b**ches
The rap game is just like a cold business
I sly in the Avenues, laughing on this broke dudes
Having money making mad at you
Im in the zone, most aint have here yet
Dog, what you know about that sending catch
Need that west straight catch
I can spend that check
sh*t it aint my name what the hack is spat?
What you know about gettin all night
Cant sleep hazing all around, sh*t is not alright
Cant take your lost and your plans will go up and flames
And make you back the same way, you gotta love this game
Life style off the poor and dangerous
Rolling big house, my hustle go throw some changes
But aint sh*t change, Im still chasing this paper
Cant help and spending, as I get it, never safe it for later
Never asking for favors, I handle on my own bis
16 on the strip, pitch a eyes of a broke kid
Right on three eighty, my people get no crib
My eyes on the price until I win it, I wont quick
Had so much joy to me and your friends
Had so much joy to me and your
Joy, to
Had so much joy to
To, to, to

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