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Benzino - I remember lyrics

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I remember by Benzino

[Mario Winans]:
Ooh yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah
Oh baby
I remember when we had to keep it on the low
flew you everywhere so nobody would know
and I remember when we got stuck in the storm one night
(remember that) pulled over hopped out had a snowball fight
I remember havin so much fun
like f**kin on the beach waitin for the sun
I understand when they say love hurts
so let's get it like we had it and make this love work
Chorus [Mario Winans]:
Yeah Oh I remember when we started this star
hey girl you know that we belong together
so glad admit to mine forever
and love no matter what you'll never give it up
We used to sh*t like catch a flick
sit back in the Roll hug and kiss
we used to pillow fight always makin a mess
everything's so right never feeling stress
we used to walk the mall shop all day
we used to watch movies at the crib all day
we used to talk it out instead of throwin things
we used to pass Jacob's to steam the rings
bumpin Brandy on repeat it's revealed to me
you my angel in disguise and it's real to me
now it's clear to see it's on destiny
so let's get this back how it's suppose to be
my love
Baby I know we can make it happen
first let's get it back to where it started
I thought you said I had a special place in your heart
I thought nothin in the world would tear us apart
you always said you understood what I did
I told you from the start I had to handle my biz
I can't believe you wanna act this way
after all we've been through you wanna throw it away
see I'm forever yours I gotta make it happen
and I just wanna get it back to where we had it
I love you

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