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Ben Parcell - Owe It All To You lyrics

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Owe It All To You by Ben Parcell

Today I realised, that after all that I've been through.
Tomorrow comes sooner than you think.
And my life is not so cruel; it's easier now I've got you.
You came and brightened up my day.
Only you can make me smile when I'm down.
The sun it always shines when you are around.
And when I think of days gone by there are no more lonely times,
It's true; I owe it all to you.
My only wish, that I have someone who understands me.
I've only known you for a while,
It seems as though I've known you all my life.
Nothing in this world could ever, stop my heart from calling you.
And I had no doubt that you'd be true.
As I sit here all alone, in this lonely dead end town.
I know you'll always be my inspiration however low I feel.
And if you ever needed someone you know that I will lend a hand.
All you gotta do is say the word, and I'll be there for you. If you want me.
That's why I owe it all to you, oh baby what more can I do?
I think you should know I owe it all to you.
And then maybe one day I'll make it up to you.
What can I do?

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